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Honor Seiki continues to develop quality machines to meet the highest standards in precision, efficiency and reliability. 


President: Charles Chen

Employees: 200 people

Capital investment: 3.2 billion

Factory area: 5 factories: Total 22,000 square meters.  

Honor Seiki was established in 1987. In the beginning, Honor Seiki had only 8 employees to cooperate with each other. Nowadays, Honor Seiki has 5 factories and their machines are sold around the world. The annual turnover is up to 15 billion which will be recognized as a legend in the Taiwanese machine tool industry.    
The products of Honor Seiki are CNC Vertical Lathe, CNCVerticalTurningCenter, CNCHighSpeedDrillingCenter, CNCVerticalGrindingCenter, Production Lines for Aerospace Machining Parts, Product Lines for Motorcycle & other Vehicles…..Etc. CNC Vertical Lathe are the main products of Honor Seiki. Honor Seiki can do customized designs to meet the user’s requirements such as special jigs & fixtures, and robotic loading & unloading to increase the production volume and quality.
In 2004, Honor Seiki started to cooperate with the biggest machine tools manufacturer in Taiwan, the Tongtai group. This merger created a 1+1>2 situation. Based on the backup from Tongtai group, Honor Seiki not only started to focus on research & design and TQM but also ERP and PDM systems to cover the many facets. Complying with worldwide quality and technical standards, Honor Seki expanded marketing to such destinations as the USA, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Australia, and Saudi Arabia….etc. 
Honor Seiki adapted the dual channels of customized and standardized products to increase its market share. Our customers include the satellite industry, aerospace industry, train industry, and the land vehicles industry serving the entire cross section of land, sea and air transportation. Honor Seiki has strong design and manufacturing teams to satisfy our customers needs.
Honor Seiki has two worldwide patents which are “Solid Lock Double Faced Contact Clamping System” and “Roller Gear Transmission System”. To create a “WIN-WIN” situation is the main notion of Honor Seiki business mode. To continue improving our products per customer requests is the unrelenting mission of Honor Seiki.     
Main products:
1. CNC Vertical Lathe
2. CNC Vertical Turning Center
3. CNC Vertical Grinding Machine
4. CNC Planar Turning/Milling/Grinding Center                                                                                                                          5. CNC Horizontal Lathe