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Honor's Advantages
For many years, Honor Seiki Co., Ltd. caters to customers’ requirements and improves the quality of our products. We focus on the development of the machinery and innovate our technology. Also we focus on improving the diverseness of the vertical lathes to make our vertical lathes differ from other rivals’ similar products.
Rewards and Bonuses
  1. Bonus given to employees on birthdays, Labor Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, and Chinese New Year.
  2. Monetary awards based on the overall performance of operations and the performance of individual employees
Dividends and bonuses based on the overall performance of operations.
Comprehensive Labor Protection
  1. Employees are provided with all-inclusive insurance – group, labor and health.
  2. Uniform.
  3. An employee benefits committee has been appointed to establish.
  1. Dorm.
  2. Lunch provided.
  1. Rest on weekends.
  2. Annual leave.
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